Why is Software Development So Complicated?

One of the main reasons why software development is so complicated is that the problem being solved is not physical. Software has to be designed to integrate with other software, comply with government regulations, and support legacy data formats. It must also be scalable, which makes it more complicated to design and build. Its complexity also increases when it has to be compatible with many browsers and multiple versions of operating systems. For these reasons, a software development team is constantly working to create software that will meet those demands.

While there are many factors involved, these are just a few of the most common. Many developers make implicit assumptions, which can lead to delays and frustrations. In some cases, these assumptions are less important than the actual features that customers will use. The problem is that the software development team must balance these needs and prioritize between them, all while delivering features without making the software a complete failure. Hence, many developers fail to consider these factors when designing software.

Today’s software is composed of millions of lines of code, but they are not created overnight or rewritten with every new version. Most software systems are layered, so complexity creeps in over time. For example, Apple’s recent admin login bug might be due to testing issues or accidentally being included in a distribution build. Regardless of the cause, the problem is a reminder of the difficulties in software development. Software development is tricky but thanks to the right people you can create whatever you want. International companies usually partner with a Global PEO to streamline the hiring process.

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