What To Look For When Buying Dental Equipment

Choosing the right dental equipment is an essential part of setting up a new practice. Indeed, if your practice has been running a while you may feel it’s time to upgrade your equipment so you can offer the best experience for your patients. Good equipment enables you and your hygienists and technicians to work more effectively and efficiently. Consider the following when you’re shopping for equipment for your practice:

How Long Will This Equipment Last?

Some of the latest and greatest electronic equipment available in the dentistry world today can be quite expensive. Dental imaging equipment, for example, can cost thousands of dollars up-front, and then extra for servicing every couple of years. However, if the equipment is properly serviced it can be expected to have a long useful life. Therefore, if you buy a high-quality machine with all of the features you want today, you can reasonably expect to still be using it a decade from now.

How Will This Equipment Improve My Practice?

Following on from the first question, consider how much use the equipment would get, and whether it’s really going to improve your practice. If you have a practice in a rural part of Australia, and find you’re regularly having to refer your customers for dental imaging services, being able to do those in-house could be a major boon for your patients, and for you too. It gives you the chance to perform diagnostic imaging on an as-needed basis, and get the results immediately, reducing the need to schedule follow-up appointments for simple things, and allowing you to see more patients. Another benefit of this could be reduced costs from running fewer referrals.

Is This Equipment Tried and Tested?

While it can be tempting to buy the latest and greatest equipment just because it’s there, doing so would become expensive quite quickly. Consider whether the equipment is made by a known brand, whether the technology is something you’d use, and how well-made the device is. It’s better to spend extra money on things that get a lot of use, such as your dental chairs, rather than buying unknown tools that may be of limited use to you in the long term.

Do I Have Enough Space In My Practice?

If you have a smaller practice, you may struggle to fit in all of the equipment you need. Consider how the equipment is meant to be used. Does it mount onto a wall? Is it on wheels so you can move it to and from the dental chair as required? A large practice may be able to have dedicated stations or rooms for different types of treatment, but if you’re working in a smaller practice you might have to sacrifice some utility in order to get equipment that will suit the environment you’re operating in.

If you’re looking to buy new dental equipment for your dental practice, contact us today to learn about our range and how it can help you offer a good experience for your patients.

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