What Should You Look for in a Gaming PC?

Aussies are crazy about their gaming. Recent data reveal that about 75 per cent of Australians play games, which is one of their most preferred entertainment mediums. So, whether you are building one or want to look for a cheap gaming PC in Australia, you have to get your setup right. Only when you have the right array of accessories and hardware can you have an exceptional gaming experience. Following is a guide that can be handy as you start looking for your gaming PC.

Gaming components

An average gamer in Australia spends more than 8 hours each week playing games. So, most gamers look for PCs that can pack extreme power and are easily upgraded. While a gaming PC can perform all the work like any standard PC, like editing photos, browsing the internet or accessing social media, they are more powerful and can handle blockbuster gaming efficiently. The key components you should be looking for are:


Since blockbuster gaming needs to process data extremely fast, you must use a high-end processor. Try looking for a PC with the latest generation processor and not anything below the clock speed of 2.5 GHz.


You need the right hard drive to reduce load times and give you the needed space. Buy a hybrid drive or SSD. However, it must operate at 5400 rpm and above if you can only afford a mechanical drive.


A gaming PC should ideally have 8GB RAM. You can also increase it up to 12 GB to ensure better performance. Insufficient RAM can affect your gaming, but it is relatively inexpensive to upgrade. You get different types of RAM, so you must ensure that it is compatible with your motherboard as you upgrade.


Gaming PCs have an inbuilt graphics card with additional processing power and resources dedicated to exclusive visual quality. Since clock speed indicates graphics card performance, try going for one with the highest GHz you can afford, even if you are looking for a cheap gaming PC in Australia. In addition, memory also impacts GPU performance. So, opt for the maximum bandwidth you can afford. Lastly, if you use your PC for VR or high frame-rate gaming, you need a multilinked GPU or a top-spec GPU. For that, look for SLI or Crossfire compatibility, based on your choice of manufacturer.

PC accessories

A mouse and keyboard can be an excellent investment for any gamer looking to improve their performance and reaction times. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right products, but the most important are the mouse sensitivity (DPI) and the keyboard type.

Pay attention to the DPI (dots per inch) in a mouse. The better the sensitivity, the faster your mouse will be able to react to in-game situations. There is a wide range of sensitivities, so experiment to find what works best for you.

Mechanical keyboards are better than membrane keyboards as they are more durable and responsive. Another great feature to look for in a gaming keyboard is the ability to record on-the-fly macros, which can be a huge advantage in your fast-paced games.


While you get all your components right, you need to be mindful of the games you play on it. When you add games to your collection, remember you get most games as digital downloads or hard copies. Your choice should be based on the speed of your internet or the presence of an optical drive. You should also check the age restrictions and adhere to the limits if you purchase games for minors.

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