What is Soccer Handicap? Which Types of Bets Are Easy to Win?

What is football betting? but can help millions of bettors make money every month? What are the most popular forms of football betting today? What are the characteristics of each form that is impressive and attractive? All these questions of players will be answered thoroughly by 789BET experts through the following sharing.

Do you know what football odds are?

Football bets have many different names that you should know more about such as football bets or house bets. This is a term used to refer to the different types of bets set by the bookie and they are briefly expressed through the odds.

Do you know what football odds are?

So the components that make up a What is a football bet? ? Before being released to the market, each bet must meet all of the factors such as the name of the upper (upper team), the name of the lower (below team) and handicap (odds). BILLIONOdds represent the difference in ability between two teams. At the same time, it helps players know how much money they win or lose after the game ends.


What are the popular bet types when playing football?

Football betting is always an exciting market that can attract millions of players to participate regularly every day. So based on what factors make that strong attraction? That is the series of attractive bets below.

Asian Football Handicap

Many new players still do not know the Asian bet when playing What is a football bet? ? This type of bet is known by most experts as the Asian handicap with the participation of two teams with significantly different strengths. The house side will offer specific ratios to shorten the gap between the two teams. The team that is rated stronger will accept the other team.

In the odds tables, Asian bets are denoted by the letters HDP which stands for Handicap. The nature of this type of rafters can change the ratio to help the atmosphere more dramatic.

Therefore, Asian rafters always have to monitor the house table to change in time before new fluctuations. In addition, there is an interesting information about this type of rafter that is that Asian rafters are divided into many small forms including 0.25 truss, 0.5 handicap, 3/4, 1.25,…

CWhat is Asia when playing football betting?

European Football Handicap

You already know the European bet in the table What is a football bet? yet? This is one of the most popular bets on many websites. Players only need to choose one of three doors to win, lose or draw. European football handicap is abbreviated as 1X2. In there:

  • 1 is the home team winning bet symbol.
  • X is the symbol representing two teams that are tied.
  • 2 is the bet symbol that the away team will win.

For the strong team, when winning money thanks to this team you will receive less money than betting on the weaker team and the weak team will win.

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Football Odds

Bet on Big and Small when playing What is a football bet? ? Similar to the traditional Big Sic game, members will be betting on Big or Under. The house will identify and then give a specific score to make a landmark. The Tai bet wins when the final score is greater than the house’s predicted score.

Members betting on Under win enough money if the total score at the end of the match is less than the number predicted by the house. From here, football bets on Over and Under create more attractive bets such as Over and Under bets 1 left, Over and Under bets 0.5 left, Over and Under bets 1.5 left or 2 left,…

What is an Over/Under bet when playing football?

Goal score bets

The most attractive point of the goal score bet type when playing What is a football bet? ? Having too many variations for players to choose from is the biggest plus point of this form of football betting. Not only longtime members but even rookies love the goal score bet. Especially bet on the following impressive rafters:

  • Bet on first half or second half with any goal score or not? If yes, how many goals will be scored.
  • Bet on which team will score the first goal.
  • Bet on which player will score the last goal.
  • Money bets on which team will score 2 goals against the other team.
  • Bet on the score the home team will score in the match.
  • Bet on the number of times the net will shake during a match.

Above are all the actual shares that have been drawn from the longtime players at 789BET. Be sure with the diversity but equally attractive of the above bet forms, you will know for sure What is a football bet?  and the reasons that make them attractive.

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