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Step-By-Step Guide on Maintenance Of Air Track Mat

Air track mats usually are like a one-term investment for the people. They generally purchase them once and use them for an extended period. They are available in a variety of formats and designs for the people. A person has complete freedom to select the option that will be the right one. There are no pieces of equipment that do not need the proper maintenance of the users.

A person needs to be careful if they wish to use the mats for a more extended period. There are proper steps that a person can follow to use the air track mats in the best possible way.

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1. Choose Quality Of The Mats

If the person plans to use the mats for an extended period, they must focus on buying the quality of the mats. There are varieties of brands of mats available in the market. Mainly, the cost a person has to pay for the mats depends on their length.

Even a reliable service provider like the Kameymall provides a high-time warranty to the users. The main reason that they provide a warranty is their trust on the specific products.

2. Select The Right Surface

The surface the person is planning to use must be right to give it a long life. Generally, a peso can use these mats for both the indoor and outdoor places. Even people can carry them from one place to another and place them on the ground, sand, or even water.

 Before a person fills the mat with the air, they must keep their eye on whether it contains sharp objects, so the person should try to keep the surface clean on which he will use the mats.

3. Avoid Wearing Shoes

A person should always use the mats after taking off the shoes. As in the case, the person will sue the shoes on the mats; then its dust will get stuck on the mat. In addition, some of the materials are such that they easily stick the dirt available on the mats.

This situation creates an unhygienic situation for the people who will use the mat in the future. Or, if the person cannot avoid using the shoes on the mats, then they can just keep a separate pair of shoes to use on the mats.

4. Clean The Mats

Just using the mats without cleaning them properly can be the root cause of various health issues. Therefore, a person should always ensure that they clean the mats properly before each time they use them.

 A person can even use the disinfectant spray to clean the mats on a weekly basis to kill the germs on the mats. Even keeping them dry is a must to get the best results.

5. Keep Them After Proper Folding

After completing the use of the air track mat for a time the person can just keep them after folding them properly. Keeping them in the right position will help increase the mats’ life. Most people prefer to fold the mats lengthwise to get the best results.

However, the user needs to be careful. First, he needs to take out the filled air, fold the mat, and keep it aside. If the length of the mats is more than 12 meters, try to fold them in a cylindrical shape.

6.  Keep Proper Repairing Kit

Even after properly taking care of the mats, they might face small punctures. In such a situation, the requirement for the repair kit arises. A person should try to have a repair kit containing all the essential elements that will help properly repair the mats.

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How To Store The Air Track Mats?

The thing that matters for the person using the mat is storing them appropriately. First, the person must fold the mats properly without causing any damage. Then, the person can just ensure these points at the time of the storing:

  •         Ensure to dry the mats with a towel that is wiped and let it dry. It will reduce the chances of molds in the future.
  •         Try to keep the mats away from sunlight as they might lead to the loss of shape of the material.
  •         The person should keep it away from the weather conditions affecting the mats.
  •         A person should avoid keeping any material on the mats. Especially the ones that are sharp.

The person should not only keep the mat safe but the pump used to fill the mat must be kept safely. Proper care of the mats and pumping will lead to an increase in their life. Therefore, proper maintenance of the mats is crucial for the person who is using them.

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