Ranking The Favorites For The Fifa World Cup 2022

With the World Cup only a few weeks away, everyone is giving their pick for the winner of this year’s championship. From the best team to the players and other individual awards, you can find favorites for all the awards on different platforms.

However, unlike the previous editions, we do not have a clear favorite for the tournament this time. In the past, there have always been a couple of teams that stood above the rest when it came to footballing ability, but this year, there are several teams that are arguably on the same level and it has never been harder to single out a single nation.

This World Cup is going to be as competitive as it gets; with so many competitive nations trying to get their hands on their trophy, it won’t be surprising to see a couple of upsets.

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Below, we look at some of the favorites of the teams that have the best chances of winning the world cup this year.

1. Brazil

Brazil, the five-time world cup winner, is the only team that has qualified for every edition of the world cup. The Brazilian squad this year is one of the best in the world, with an attacking lineup that has both Neymar and Vinicius Junior.

Their midfield and defense are also stacked with top-quality players who are capable of winning the game at any instant.

However, the thing with Brazil is that the team lacks experience, and although the squad is amazing on paper, Brazil has underachieved for a long time, and no one can say for sure how far they will be able to progress this year.

2. France

The defending champions have the most complete squad this year and are the favorites for many. They have both the players and the experience to go all the way.

With a team that has Mbappe, Benzema, and Griezmann, along with several other world-class players, there aren’t many teams that can compete with them.

But then again, France disappointed everyone in the Euros, which has led to many people questioning if they have what it takes to repeat.

3. England

After losing to Italy in the Euros, England has a point to prove at this year’s world cup. The team hasn’t won a major trophy in decades but has come close in the past two major tournaments it has played in.

England lost to Croatia in the semis of the last world cup, but the team has significantly improved and has a lot of experience under its belt. It remains to be seen how they perform this year.

4. Portugal

Portugal has been underrated by many experts, but they have a squad that can challenge for any trophy. A team with Cristiano Ronaldo, the greatest player of all time, can never be counted out.

On top of this, this will be his world cup, and we can expect Portugal to outperform many others.

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