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In the annual NBA All Star Game, the league’s best players compete in an exhibition game to choose who will represent their conference in the NBA Finals. Each year, the match takes place around the middle of the season. Fan votes, player votes, coach votes, and media votes are all taken into account when determining the NBA team.

Over the last several years, there has been a major shift in both the teams and the structure of the games. At the moment, two captains are chosen (the two best players), and they choose the guys who will make up their respective teams.

What are the Teams of the NBA All Star Game 2022

Before 2018, players would join a team depending on their historical success. The star players from each league partnered up for an East versus West matchup. But in 2018, the Basketball league made a significant adjustment.

The highest vote in each conference was chosen as a captain for the 2018 NBA Fixtures. After then, the leaders of each side decide who will be on their team. Captains get to choose from a pool of players that have been voted through a lengthy procedure.

Selection Process of NBA All Star Teams

The leaders of each side take turns choosing their teams. Most votes for captain means the first choice in selection. To begin, they choose one of the remaining eight starters. Each participant, including themselves, must choose two other players for the backcourt and three other players for the frontcourt. When all of the starters have been eliminated, the game shifts to the bench players.

How Did NBA All Star Start?

The purpose of the NBA Game is to provide a show for the fans. The point-shaving controversy of the 1950s inspired its creation. The concept was developed by the designers in an attempt to regain interest in the game. In most cases, players aren’t even trying to win, but rather playing for fun.

The 2020 Los Angeles Lakers received an extra 24 points in memory of Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter accident that year. The game’s halftime is also lengthier than that of an average NBA contest. There are usually musical and celebrity acts at halftime.

Interesting Facts About NBA

  • The NBA drafting of 2000 is widely regarded as the worst in league history
  • Among NBA players, Bryant holds the record for the most field goal attempts that he has failed to make
  • The 2020 NBA Finals had the lowest viewership in league history because of the pandemic
  • Until now, the 2019 event was the largest and most costly of its kind
  • In 1946 when it started, people call it the Basketball Association of America
  • On this day, we get to see some of the greatest basketball players in the world compete against each other
  • Getting together for the NBA All Star fixtures is a great way to strengthen bonds with loved ones

Popular Ways to Enjoy NBA Sports and Matches

TNT may already be part of your cable, satellite, or live-streaming TV package. If you don’t already have a TV service, though, Sling TV is a great option. Sling TV, with its $40 per month starting price, is the finest deal for NBA fans, and the NBA event is no exception

End Note: Time to Watch NBA All Star Show for Free

Do you want to enjoy the NBA matches for free? You should know that NBA All Star games cannot be seen on TNT without a paid TV subscription. You may take advantage of YouTube TV’s free trial period.

But you must ensure to cancel your membership before the completion of your free trial if you want to avoid being charged for the following month if you choose this option. Not only that, but the free trials are exclusively available to brand-new members. You will need to use a new email and payment method if you have previously subscribed to any of these services.

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