Nature Photography Combines Creativity and Athleticism

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Looking for a hobby that combines creativity and athleticism? Look to nature photography. You can get started using a smartphone with a good camera and a hearty pair of hiking boots.

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While some types of photography, like commercial photography and fashion photography, require complex equipment, such as lights, gels, editing software, and zoom lenses, you can start taking photos of nature without all of the extra equipment.

You will need to set aside the time to hike and conduct research to locate appropriate areas. This only requires an Internet connection though and the means to travel to your location. If you travel for work, choose a nearby location that affords you an opportunity to photograph a gorgeous landscape or unique feature of the area, like photographer Brad Kern.

Choose a water-resistant phone and bag it in a watertight diving bag for a cost-effective way to photograph underwater exploration in locales such as French Polynesia. Whether you dive near an atoll or simply take a photo in a wave on a South Carolina beach, this method can save you the money lost by investing in equipment that you’ll rarely use.

You needn’t travel the world for great nature shots though. California’s Alpine Lake offers many lovely forested locations. The states of Oregon, Washington, and both Carolinas offer ample forest locations, too.

Consider more than landscapes though. A closeup of a seashell or mountain outcrop can offer unique photos that you might love enough to print and frame. That’s called macro photography. A sub-genre of nature photography, it focuses on one particular aspect of the natural view, for example, a spider web or pebble.

Nature photography offers other sub-genres besides underwater photography and macro photography. Depending on your outdoor interests, you might explore wildlife photography, plant photography, or sunset photography. Any of these options can offer a budding photographer numerous local options, some as close as your backyard.

To jumpstart your hobby, take a free or low-cost photography class online. With the tiny expense of nothing to $10, you can build your photography skills and learn tips and tricks from a professional photographer. Some classes require no prerequisites, and you can complete the assignments with your smartphone.

Nature photography offers a hobby that gets you outside and creates mementos of your excursions. You don’t have to print the photos to enjoy them since digital photo frames can display an album of pictures in rotation. Get started today with nature photography for a hobby that offers creativity and athleticism.

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