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How to Get Started As a Real Estate Agent

Before becoming a real estate agent, you should understand the process. Real estate agents are required to be at least 18 years of age, have some formal education, and pass an exam. Depending on the state, you may need to complete a criminal background check and pass an exam. You also need to attend classes to learn about the business. For many people, the process may take months, and you might even need to take a few more to become a real estate agent.

Almost every new agent works under the supervision of a broker, who will provide legal protection and marketing support. If you have never worked for a brokerage before, you should consider interviewing with three different ones. While some agents may prefer the prestige of big brokerages, others prefer the flexibility of working for a small mom-and-pop brokerage and choosing their own vendors. Choosing the right brokerage can mean the difference between a successful career and failure.

A CRM platform will help you organize your client contact lists and create an efficient social and email strategy. This software will also help you boost your SEO rankings. A CRM platform will also help you manage automated texts for clients to confirm showing times and other appointments. The more tools you have, the more productive you’ll be. And remember to stay knowledgeable and authoritative in the field. Remember, it’s all about people. A real estate agent can help clients find the homes of their dreams.

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