How Long Do Android Smartphones Get Updates?

The answer is different for Android and iOS devices, but both should get faster and more frequent updates. While Apple releases new software and updates more frequently, Android manufacturers are tied to cell phone carriers. If one carrier doesn’t release an update on time, it can delay it months. In comparison, Apple has the clout to overrule carriers and roll out new versions on time. In short, the Android smartphone ecosystem is not perfect, but the manufacturers are getting better at updating their phones.

The most recent major update to Android smartphones was released in November 2018. In November 2017, Google began rolling out the new version of the operating system. Android One devices receive two years of security updates and major OS updates. They’re also guaranteed to stay current for at least two years. The latest versions of Android will be available on Android One devices, so it’s a good idea to purchase one of these. They’ll get regular software updates, which will make your phone more secure.

Samsung also promises quarterly updates for select devices. The company doesn’t elaborate, but “regular updates” fall one notch below “quarterly” updates. The latter category may only arrive twice or once a year. The manufacturer also created a separate category for “regular updates” in case a major update is delayed. These updates will help you combat malware. But if you’re wondering how long it takes to get the latest version of an Android smartphone, read on.

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