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Hidden Facts About Influencer Marketing That You Don’t Know

Most businesses today included influencer marketing as their essential marketing strategy. For quick and quality results, businesses are nowadays getting into influencer marketing to boost their business traffic, sales count, and trust flow.

However, many businesses are still aside from getting into this marketing strategy. That’s why here we are sharing with you some hidden factors that might compel you to make a try in influencer marketing and get a remarkable experience for your business growth.

Every Business Get Benefit Regardless of Budget:

Influencer marketing is for all. It’s not like paid marketing that compels you to invest a significant amount to get high results. Influencer marketing has different influencer categories that make it possible for businesses to collaborate with influencers and get fruitful results.

Undoubtedly, the results may vary, but it delivers high results that are not possible with any other marketing practice.

Teens Trust Influencers More than Celebrities:

Interestingly, nearly 70% of teenagers believe in influencers who have marked their presence across different social channels. Influencers are more active on social platforms, giving them better exposure to numerous influencers matching their niche. Hence, they are more influenced by them instead of celebrities.

Interestingly, the COVID-19 era has also brought people closer to influencers as they were highly active during that era, whereas celebrities were less active.

Today, teenagers have started following influencers instead of celebrities, which gives another strong reason to work with influencers for business promotion.

More Profitable Than Print Media:

Some businesses still believe that print media is more effective than influencer marketing. However, the truth is completely the opposite. Influencer marketing has high profitability compared to print media.

Digital media has made it possible to get content without subscribing to any newspaper, TV channel, or any other print media. Instead, the entire content is readily available across various social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This brings the influencers into the limelight and eliminates the dependency on print media for branding or sales.

$650 Return on Every $1 Spend:

Some of you wouldn’t take this fact seriously, but this is an absolute truth. The return on investment made in influencer marketing is far higher than any other marketing practice. In paid marketing, the average return on investment is about 2-3 percent, whereas influencer marketing can give you a return of up to 8%, which makes it a highly effective and practical option for businesses.

This ROI makes it highly considerable for small businesses who are looking for a quick jumpstart with low investment.

Growth of $7.5 Billion in 2020:

You would be amazed to know that the influencer marketing industry has exponentially grown with time. The industry is growing at a massive pace that is hard to calculate. Yet, in 2020, influencer marketing will increase by a massive count of $7.5 billion.

These facts are a few of many that you must consider before decision-making. What other reasons do you think can be a strong point to invest in influencer marketing?

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