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HealthTap is an online service that connects patients with licensed physicians through video conference, text chat or phone call. They also offer a concierge medicine program.

Khosla Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavours have invested in the company. However, it faces competition from other telemedicine start-ups for investors’ attention.


HealthTap prioritizes security measures that restrict access to health information. These include strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and a secure network.

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly vulnerable to online threats – hackers can use malware, ransomware and spoofing phishing attempts to steal personal data and disrupt daily operations.

Though healthcare professionals cannot be expected to be experts on cybersecurity best practices, there are still ways to keep patient data secure online.

Frictionless solutions such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and role-based authentication (RBA) offer users protection from online attacks without impeding their workflows. Furthermore, healthcare organizations can maintain the necessary level of security without disrupting operations.


HealthTap is a healthcare start up that empowers consumers to build an intimate relationship with their personal doctor. They can access their health data and communicate with them via text or video from any device.

Members of HealthTap’s virtual consultation service can ask questions about their symptoms or conditions and receive answers from its network of doctors and other medical professionals. They may also use the service to obtain lab results, prescriptions and referrals to specialists.

HealthTap also features an AI symptom checker that suggests what action should be taken next, based on user input of symptoms and other details.

CEO of HealthTap, founded his company to fill a “gap” in the health care delivery system. He envisions an integrated health operating system that unifies all groups involved: providers, employers, insurers and others – providing seamless care delivery throughout every stage.

HealthTap has created the HealthTap Cloud, a development platform that enables developers to build apps. It comprises key modules like cross-platform telemedicine; big data analytics; customer resource management; and trusted content.


HealthTap is a patient-centric digital healthcare platform that offers live virtual consultations with doctors. Members can submit questions to HealthTap doctors, who typically respond within 24 hours.

HealthTap requires you to abide by certain consent policies before using the app, in order to safeguard the privacy of your health information. This includes using a meaningful choice form of consent which requires patients to receive advance notification before their data is shared and that they have the option to revoke at any time.

HealthTap is also subject to the federal government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which places restrictions on sharing your protected health information with third parties films lifeline hospital. While these requirements give you more control over your data, they could make using HealthTap more challenging.


HealthTap is a telemedicine service that allows users to have virtual consultations with licensed physicians in real time. Its network consists of over 90,000 U.S.-based board-certified physicians who undergo an extensive credentialing process before being accepted onto the platform.

The company also provides an app that enables patients to ask questions and receive doctor answers. This free-to-use program stores data securely and conveniently for added convenience.

Users can take advantage of an AI-powered symptom checker. It provides intelligent explanations of possible causes and suggests next steps for care.

In certain instances, it may even indicate a visit to the doctor.


HealthTap provides both a free version of its app and a subscription-based service called HealthTap Prime, which allows users to engage in video consultations with doctors via their mobile device or the web. The premium service costs $99 per month plus $10 extra for each family member bitsandboxes.

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