For how long do you have to wait for workers’ comp?

Since every claim is unique, there is no simple response to this question. It’s possible that you may begin getting benefits within a few weeks, provided that the claim process goes smoothly and your employer authorizes it quickly.

Your workers’ compensation claim deadline is two years from the date of injury. Yet, the longer you wait to file a claim, the longer it takes to get benefits. As the investigation into your claim continues, you must ensure that these records are sent to your Newport News workers compensation lawyer.

You have 30 days by law in Virginia to notify your employer of your injuries, but you shouldn’t wait.

Notifying your employer of your injuries is the first step in filing a claim. The longer you delay, the harder it may be to win a claim for compensation. There’s a chance that crucial evidence will be misplaced or destroyed. The insurance company providing workers’ comp benefits may question the timing of your injury claim and whether or not it was sustained on the job.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission requires employers to submit a First Report of Injury within one week of receiving notice of a work-related injury.

The next step is to get an informational booklet outlining your legal rights and obligations from the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. You should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney if you do not receive this package, as this could mean that your employer did not give the required notification to the Commission.

Within seven days following your accident, your doctor must fill out an Attending Physician’s Report. After receiving your report of an accident, the workers’ compensation insurance provider has 21 days to deliver you a statement of your rights.

In the event that the workers’ compensation insurer accepts your claim, you will receive an Award Agreement form. There is paperwork for the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission that you need to study and submit. The Commission will then issue an Award Order detailing your compensation. You should start getting your benefits after the award order has been entered. You have the right to file an appeal of a claim denial.

When you suffer an injury on the job, the first thing on your mind is getting the compensation you need to recover. After all, you could be experiencing considerable discomfort. While you’re unable to work and pay your medical costs, they’re probably stacking up. How long it will take for your workers’ compensation claim to be settled is probably one of your first thoughts.

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