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Do Real Estate Agents Need to Renew Their Licenses?

The answer to the question, “Do real estate agents need to renew their licenses?” varies from state to state. Every state has its own requirements for renewing licenses, but the process is generally the same: real estate agents must complete continuing education credits and submit all required paperwork. Continuing education classes may be taken online or in person, and Kaplan has several options available. To find out more about the requirements in your state, visit the Department of Real Estate’s website.

Real estate professionals in Connecticut must take at least twelve hours of continuing education courses. These hours must include a four-hour annual update course or an approved elective course. These courses are updated every year, and real estate agents must take them in order to renew their license. In Texas, for example, new agents must complete 98 hours of SAE courses before their first renewal. While California requires a different number of mandatory courses for first-time renewal, it is still important to check these requirements and leave yourself enough time to complete them.

In California, real estate agents must complete continuing education credits every three years. The Commission determines the requirements for continuing education courses, including which schools are approved by the state. After January 1, 2020, there will be no grace period for license renewal. Real estate agents will need to submit their renewal applications at least one year prior to their license expiration date. In addition, they will have to undergo a course on the ethics and practice of real estate, which may include a Code of Ethics.

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