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Coping with back pain and how to reduce it

There is very little worse than suffering from back pain, whether it is a continuous feeling or those sharp stabbing pains have become a daily chore. This being said, there are a few different remedies that can be tried to lessen the pain other than resulting in hitting the medicine cabinet more frequently than perhaps you really should.

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#1 Stay active

Although you will have to take it easy when you are suffering from back pain, you don’t want to end up doing nothingand staying in bed all day because it could make the pain a lot worse when you try to move.There are some specific exercises that can be done to help back pain, but if you feel that your back pain is worse, you should stop them at once and seek medical attention.

#2 Use cold compresses

Using aids such as cold compresses on the area that hurts is a good idea, but you should make sure that you wrap any cold items in cloth, such as a tea towel, before applying them to your skin. For the first day of injury, a cold compress should be applied for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time and should be applied every 3-4 hours. This should ease the swelling and should only be carried out on the first day. However, cold compresses can be used for up to 3 days, and then you may want to switch to applying warmth to the area instead if the swelling has reduced.

#3 Use specialized treatments

If your back pain is due to having a slipped disc, you may need to seek out a professional for spinal cord injury treatment. Having a slipped disc is no laughing matter, in fact, a severe herniated slipped disc can cause spinal cord injury. A dangerous injury such as this could lead to numbness or even paralysis as it is the spinal cord that carries information from the brain to the rest of your body.

A herniated slipped disc is not simply one that has slipped out of place but has been subjected to cracks where its nucleus has squeezed out and is in danger of irritating the spinal cord or the nearby nerves.

#4 Correct your posture

It is important that you try to obtain the correct posture and balance your weight evenly on your feet. Leaning too far forwards will put pressure on your lower back, which will result in more back pain. You can try to stand with your back to a wall in order to help with your posture. Your head, bottom, and shoulders should be touching the surface of the wall, but your heels should be 2-4 inches away to gain maximum benefit.

Final thoughts

Whether you are in the throes of a new injury or are nursing a long-standing pain, there are a few ideas that could help ease your day-to-day pain issues. Of course, there is nothing as important as receiving help and advice from a medical professional and taking their advice when it comes to managing your pain to an acceptable level.

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