Chicken Kicks Poison Attack With A Series Of Dangerous Moves To Kill The Opponent

 Poison kick chicken  These are the cocks that chicken players really want to own. Because it is a “machine” that can help the players earn a lot of money through competing in the cocks. And for players to easily visualize these cocks, we will analyze the following article of

What is  Poison kick chicken ?

 Poison kick chicken  These are chickens with extraordinary fighting ability, far above the common ground of other ordinary chickens. They will launch quick moves like cutting, extremely powerful to destroy opponents. If accidentally hit by this poison attack, the remaining cock can die in a moment.

If ranked  Poison kick chicken  With rare chickens, people give more importance to poison cocks. Because a rare chicken is not necessarily a good fighter, its value for money is not even that of a cock with dangerous kicks. For those of you who are raising chickens, you should also train them to have the ability to launch “poisonous” kicks to quickly end the game and bring money to the cocker.

Quick, strong, accurate moves to finish off the opponent

The technique of the chicken kicks poison blows

If you want to see the cocks take the dangerous blow, the best experience is that you will go directly to the cockfry. However, in case you cannot arrange a time, you can also go to the house 789BET to watch the cockfight. Here, you will enjoy the thrilling moments, feel the satisfaction with the following extremely eye-catching moves.

Gravel Strike

According to folklore, a slam kick means a cock that bites an opponent’s crest. From there, they use it as a fulcrum to continuously launch powerful kicks into the opponent’s neck. Listening to this, you have also felt the intelligence and danger in this move.

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It has not stopped here, Poison kick chicken  can deflect the remaining neck bone of the chicken, causing them pain and running away. Or worse case, they will be “tortured” until they are no longer able to fight. The stone kick is considered a great skill that the brothers in the fighting cock world are very passionate about. In fact, any game that uses this move is a classic game.

Excellent kicking skills

If you are a “hard fan” of the 789BET bookie, you will often come across the great fighting skills performed by the top cocks. Accordingly, the side kick will directly strike the opponent’s ear or eye part. This is not a simple skill, only the top cocks can perform quickly, powerfully, decisively and immediately damage the opponent’s eyes.

The side kick is understood as the cocks will use their whole paws to kick the target they are kicking. Or use your finger to attack directly on parts such as the face, ears, eyes, … making the remaining chicken painful and quickly squeezed out. Make sure when you witness the matches Poison kick chicken  will be extremely nervous and feel these cockfights extremely interesting.

In the matches where the chickens use this combo kick, you will see them strike continuously in a short time, much faster than the kicks performed by ordinary chickens. Specifically, they will take wings to coordinate, both flying up and continuously attacking. As such, the opponent does not seem to have time to react and will quickly be defeated by Poison kick chicken .

Increase bo for chickens to fight poison

Have you ever heard of the concept of increasing your boon? Poison kick chicken  or not? It can be understood that increasing bo is increasing strength, but to increase strength, there is another way in addition to practice. That is to use boron boosters for them, but the dose must be reasonable to avoid too high a doping concentration that will not be able to participate in the competition.

Boo boosters are divided into two types, one is to be used quickly before the competition and the other is can be used every day, with extremely small amounts. Poison fighting cocks, if buffed with boron boosters, are an extraordinary cock. They will definitely make a splash at professional chicken schools, let’s watch it at 789BET!

Learn about Poison kick chicken  opens up a new knowledge about cockfighting. Players have known 3 super classic moves in cockfighting games that 789BET provides. And if you want to watch the eye-catching cockfights as mentioned above, register to join the game portal today!

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