A Comprehensive Guide to Car Shipping Costs

When you’re looking to move your car, there are many things to consider. There’s your route, the year’s season, and the distance you want to travel. These all have an impact on the cost you’ll pay. But there are also some simple steps you can take to make sure you get the best price.

Cost per mile

Regarding car shipping, the cost per mile is an essential factor to keep in mind. Many factors influence this figure.

The cost of shipping a car depends on the type of transport and the distance it is being sent. Long-distance moves typically have higher overall costs. Also, vehicles that weigh more will cost more to ship.

The price of shipping a car is also determined by the size and make of the vehicle. Larger cars will need to be transported by a giant truck. If the vehicle has personal belongings inside, they cannot be shipped.

The most expensive auto-shipping route is the cross-country route. This route costs $0.90 for each mile. The price is lower on regional routes.

The cost of car shipping will vary depending on the time of year. Shipping during the winter months is more expensive because of inclement weather. Additionally, there is an increase in traffic congestion on highways.

During the summer months, demand increased. In addition to higher rates, finding a shipping provider during these times can be more challenging.

Door-to-door vs terminal-to-terminal

Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is a method of auto transport that allows the carrier to pick up the vehicle at a specific location, then drop it off at a different location. This type of shipping is often faster and cheaper than door-to-door shipping. However, it can have disadvantages as well.

A carrier usually stops at a terminal, a regional storage facility shipping companies use. The company will store the car securely until it is ready for delivery.

Dropping the vehicle at a terminal can be a hassle, but it can also save time. Most airports are located near large urban areas, so there is no need to find a way to the car from home. Another benefit of dropping off at a terminal is that it can save the driver from having to drive to multiple locations.

Terminal-to-terminal auto shipping is a good option if you move a long distance or if your car is damaged. Consider a terminal if you don’t have a person to pick up your vehicle.

Distance traveled

A car transport truck goes about 500 miles daily, meaning it can take 10-14 days to ship a car across the country. You’ll have to plan if you have more than one vehicle to transport. Luckily, there are companies specializing in shipping cars. The price varies according to the size and makes of your vehicle.

The best time to ship your car is during the fall when the weather is more relaxed, and the traffic is lower. However, sending your vehicle to cities far from a major road can be expensive. Contact three or four companies to get a good deal and ask for multi-car discounts.

Shipping the smallest car will be less costly than a truckload of vehicles. It is due to the cost of renting a truck or trailer. In addition, the time it takes to deliver your vehicle is minimized. Also, the car can arrive in the same place, eliminating the need for multiple pickups and drop-offs.

Other factors that affect the cost of shipping your car include the size of your vehicle and the time of year you’re sending. For example, you’ll pay more for a cross-country trip in the summer than in the winter.

Season of the year

Car shipping costs can vary significantly based on the season of the year. Prices can be more expensive in the summer, less costly in the winter, or even cheaper in the fall. The costs also depend on the type of vehicle being shipped and where it is going.

The seasonality of the auto transport industry is driven mainly by the number of available carriers. During the holidays, many drivers take vacations. They want to spend time with their families. Consequently, there are fewer carriers available to ship vehicles during the winter. It causes prices to rise.

Winter months also see lower shipping demand. Many drivers take the month of December off and head south to warmer climates. Those looking to move to a new home, college, or job may be more motivated to have their cars moved during this time.

Summer is the busiest season for auto shipping. A large number of people are looking to relocate during this time. In addition, the summer months are more popular for buying and selling vehicles online.


The cost of shipping a car depends on many factors. Before deciding on a shipping plan, you need to understand your vehicle and location.

You can schedule your move in advance to reduce the cost. It gives you more time to select a carrier that fits your budget. Another option is to look for a company that offers discounts for first responders or military personnel. Depending on your car’s make and model, it may qualify for air freight or enclosed auto transport.

Shipping costs also vary according to the time of year. If you’re moving in the winter, you might need to take longer to complete the move, increasing your pay. However, spring and fall are the most affordable times to move.

It is best to get several quotes from different providers. This way, you can choose the one that offers the lowest rates.

The overall cost of shipping a car can be affected by several factors, such as the season and the route. Trucking lanes may be closed in case of weather or ice. Other streets may be congested. Also, the fuel price plays a huge role in the overall cost.

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