6 different shapes of custom labels and what product they’re perfect for

Custom labels are the perfect way to brand your product. By using a unique shape and design, you can create a look that is all your own and will set your product apart from the competition. There are six different shapes of custom labels and each one is perfect for a specific product or use, from promoting a business or product to adding an element of sophistication, there is an ideal shape for your custom labels. Read on to find out more. 

1. Square 

Square labels are the most common type of custom label, and they are perfect for a variety of products. They are simple and professional looking, making them a great choice for businesses that want to promote their product. Square labels are also versatile, fitting easily on a variety of containers.

2. Rectangular 

Rectangular labels are the ones you have probably seen hundreds of times in your life. They are just the ultimate label shape – for good reason. They do not distract from the product and give you enough space to create a stunning design. Not only that, but they are the perfect shape for packaging labels because they can be easily printed on and fit well on most boxes and other packaging materials. 

3. Rounded corners 

Rounded corners are a nice variation on the square and rectangular label shapes. They give your labels a softer look and feel, making them perfect for more personal products. They can also make your product look more fun and artisan. Choose a textured material like paper labels to play into that and give your products a hand-made feeling.

4. Circle labels

We love using circle labels to share small pieces of information to highlight specific points about your products. Circles give you less space to work with, so be sure to keep the text on them to an absolute minimum. Statements like “handmade”, “sustainable” or “limited edition” work best. You can also get creative with the design of your circle labels and use them as part of a larger image or design.

5. Oval

Oval labels are similar to circular ones, but they provide a little more space for text and information. Their slightly odd shape can be a true eye-catcher and makes your product appear more playful and fun. Highlight that by choosing a sparkly effect material for your oval labels and use them as product labels, packaging labels or labels for jars.

6. Custom

If you can’t find a label shape that fits your needs, you can always create a custom label. Custom labels give you complete control over the size and shape of your label. Custom-cut labels are often referred to as die-cut labels. You can even get your labels cut in the shape of your logo. When you go custom, there are no limits.

Now that you know all about the different shapes of custom labels and what products they are perfect for, it’s time to get creative! Choose a shape and design that reflects your unique brand and personality. Be sure to use high-quality materials like paper or vinyl stickers to give your product an extra touch of luxury. If you need help getting started, let us know in the comments below.

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